18 Aug

Palindrome Comedy Weekend #81818 Line-Ups Discount Tickets

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Palindrome Comedy Weekend – OK We are just being a bit geeky (Cheeky for any Brits out there). See some live comedy in New York City Tonight. Click on the QUICK LINKS below and/or scroll down below for some upcoming line-ups.


Palindrome Comedy Weekend 8-18-18 and 8-19-18

Palindrome Comedy Weekend

SATURDAY / SUNDAY 3pm Improv Comedy

The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers hilarious clean comedy improvised based on audience suggestions and participation.


SATURDAY August 18, 2018

8pm ALL STAR COMEDY at the Broadway Comedy Club
We do not have tickets for this show but it’s a great line-up if looking for an early night. This added show will be held in the RED ROOM, upstairs (ground level) at the Broadway.
DC Benny (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing)
Ryan Reiss (Stephen Colbert, MTV)

9pm ALL STAR COMEDY at the Broadway Comedy Club
Broadway Comedy Club presents a lineup full of  Top Headliners. These are the best comedians from New York City with special guests from all across the country. You’ve seen them on MTV, HBO, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, The Daily Show, Last Comic Standing and more!
Steve Marshall (Comedy Central)
Harrison Greenbaum (America’s Got Talent, Conan)
Daniel Tirado (TruTV Comedy Knockout)

MC Jourdaine Fisher BET
Russ Meneve Tonight Show
Joanne Filan LOGO
Robyn Schall AXS
Yannis Pappas Comedy Central
Wali Collins Letterman 

11pm LATE NITE LAUGHS at the Broadway Comedy Club
If you like your comedy on the raunchy side, check out the late nite shows at the Broadway. All stand-up comedy in NYC is uncensored but later at night, the comics and the audience had a few drinks and are getting ansy. The shows naturally get a little wilder, the later we get.
JJ Ramierez
Steve Marshall (Comedy Central)
Adrienne Lapalucci (CBS Late Show)

SUNDAY August 19, 2018

9pm ALL STAR COMEDY at the Broadway Comedy Club
This week on Sunday Night Live 9pm show at Broadway Comedy Club will be Joe Devito, Oscar Collazos, Mark Demayo, Areshia McFarlin, Harrison Greenbaum and hosted by Jamie Roberts.

MC Lucas Connolly Comedy Central
Luke Thayer Fox Laughs
Melissa Diaz NY Comedy Festival
Clayton Fletcher AXS
Alli Breen Just for Laughs
Lance Wiess NBC
Daniel Tirado Just for Laughs

11pm LATE NITE LAUGHS at the Broadway Comedy Club
Frank Vignola, Brian Jian, Mike King

Want to learn how to be funny?

Saturdays 10am COFFEE, DONUTS & IMPROV
Mondays 6pm Afterwork Improv Workshops
These are comedy classes for professionals to self enrich and network through the power of comedy. Registration for both includes light refreshment. The bar is open at Happy Hour.  Participants play a series of games. While a ton of fun, all will develop stronger presentation and team skills as well self-confidence. Bring your team or just drop by to play. These workshops are avail for private events as well in Midtown Manhattan and Nationwide. Brought to you by CORPORATE COMEDY of AMERICA – NEW YORK DIVISION.



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