NATIONAL SMILE DAY #NationalSmileDay MAY 31 #worldsmileday OCTOBER 4

NATIONAL SMILE DAY  is May 31st. WORLD SMILE DAY  is October 4th.
From Walt Frasier, artistic director of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Off Broadway Improv
Walt Frasier on Billions 4.10 May 2019. Frasier has also appeared on Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Friends of the People, Letterman etc
In every Improv workshop I leave students with two messages
1) You have homework. (groans) Every morning before even getting out of bed, start the day with a smile. You know how you smile when someone else makes you feel good. Turns out it works both ways. Physically forcing a smile can make you feel better. You physically squeeze out the juice in our face that make you feel good. I know, it sounds gross, but it works. AND when you walk into a room with a smile, most people smile back. There will always be that one that say “Why are they smiling? What’s wrong with them.” That person will judge you no matter what you do so let’s just ignore that person. When you wait for the world to make you happy it will disappoint every time. When you set out to make the world smile, simply by leading by example, rewards flood your way.
QUICK LINKS for upcoming professional shows & classes this weekend in Times Square, NYC.
2) Every time you get on stage, or read in class, public speaking gets easier. Every time you let your fear win, hiding in the shadows gets easier as well. Push that comfort zone just a little bit every day and see that fear become manageable, eventually maybe even disappear. Having the fear is beyond normal. But letting the fear control you leads to many missed opportunities.


YES AND… #1 rule in Improv is to ALWAYS say YES, followed by AND…, a statement that supports everything our teammates offer and builds a scene forward, offering details to which our team can YES AND.. us in return
LISTEN and RESPOND – suspend judgement, don’t plan, rather simply LISTEN deeply to our team, then trust ourselves and our team.
Playing Improv games develops public speaking and self confidence. Fear of public speaking is #1 in the world, more that fear of death itself. THIS alone is the most important way we attack the Bully problem. A confidence person will less likely become a bully OR victim. Bullies seek out easy targets. They rarely take on a confidence individual. However, bullies themselves are most often overcompensating for their own insecurities.  So by teaching self confidence we eliminate BOTH trends. By becoming confidence public speakers and over coming social anxieties of one on one interactions we empower individuals to ask when they need help.



PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY – a corporate concept that is a few decades old but very important in the past 5 years since a study performed by GOOGLE. . Studies find that the #1 factor that makes a successful team is psychological safety. Every person on the team feels a value to the team. Team mates support each other. BASICALLY – EVERYTHING we learn doing Improvisation! Our mission is to bring psychological safety into every classroom in New York and beyond!!!


Comedy 4 Kids? Shows & Classes for Families, Kids, Teens

Comedy 4 Kids? YES! Shows and Classes for Families, Kids, Teens can be found in New York city and beyond.

comedy 4 kids
FROM TOP LEFT CLOCK WISE – Summer Camp Teens perform, Saturdays 3pm at the Broadway Comedy Club, Comedy 4 Kids Class, Touring Company at Wisconsin High School, Walt Frasier with Eddie Brill and Mario Cantone at Queens NY High School, Ohio National Guard program used Improv 4 Kids to process issues of parent deployments in Iraq and other war zones.


Saturdays 3pm at the Broadway Comedy Club

Every week the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv Comedy presents amazing entertainment for all ages. AKA Improv 4 Kids this show keeps it PG movie clean. No language or sexual material. The result is amazing story telling and great theater. Many kids an parents get on stage to participate in the show, while the entire scrip is improvised basedon audience suggestions. CLICK HERE for full calendar of IMPROV at the Broadway Comedy Club (AKA New York Improv Theater)

Saturdays 8pm at the Broadway Comedy Club

Not great for “kids” the 8pm show by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH – AKA LMAO Off Broadway – is often perfect for teens guests. Designed with adults in mind, the shows are a true PG-13. There may be one or two words, and some adult themed comedy, but generally tame compared to many TV shows and movies teens watch today. I tell parents, if the kids are watching South Park and other edgy cable TV , they will learn nothing new watching this show. CLICK HERE for full calendar of IMPROV at the Broadway Comedy Club (AKA New York Improv Theater)

PRIVATE EVENTS – Improv Comedy shows are great at any family event. We host at the club 24/7 and send shows nationwide. Very popular are kids birthday parties. If you are tired of the same old mediocre clowns and musicians, kick it up a notch with interactive improv comedy. We have shows appropriate for ages 5 and up. Improv 4 Teens even plays after proms, graduations, sweet 16s and more. Also Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Kids entertainment at reunions and weddings, bring your kids to work day etc.  For more info and to book your event email


The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH presents classes for kids and teens (almost) every Saturday at 10am. Winter, Spring and Fall there are 8 week programs. During the summer the cast hosts 1-2 weeks of summer camp. All programs include both Improv and Stand-Up Comedy Training. Every student is invited to the shows final performance showcase. Participants become great students and leaders in their schools as we teach Creativity (critical thinking, writing), Community (Team, Respect, Communications – listening, focus, eye contact) and Leadership (Public Speaking, Self Confidence, Self Respect).




EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH hosts student groups daily for field trips and sends both shows and workshops to K-12 Schools, Camps, Libraries, After School Programs and other non-profits.

  • SHOWS – Assemblies, After School, PTA Nights, Fundraisers, Public Events
  • WORKSHOPS – Paired with or without shows, In School/After School
  • RESIDENCIES – both weekly classes (recreating public programs at your school) and 1-week programs where teaching artists deliver basic program to the entire student body.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Teach your staff to use valuable tools

To bring this program to your school/program email

Cultural Arts


Want to be the coolest teacher ever? Bring your classes to the Broadway Comedy Club in Times Square. For just $15pp, students will see a show and work with teaching artists playing the games themselves in a mini-workshop.

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