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QUICK LINKS- Pay $10-30 at the door.  Just $5 via links below. TWO DRINK MINIMUM per guest at all shows unless otherwise listed.

Mother's Day

Wednesday August 28, 2019

1pm Matinee EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Interactive Musical Improv Comedy  hosted by Walt Frasier (Billions, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Letterman, MTV). Come be a part of the show!!!

7pm LOL TIMES SQUARE COMEDY CLUB presents Times Square Magic


Broadway Comedy Club presents a lineup full of our Top Headliners. These are the best comedians from New York City with special guests from all across the country. You’ve seen them on MTV, HBO, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, The Daily Show, Last Comic Standing and more!

Mike Vechionne (NBC’S Tonight Show, Conan, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Comic Standing) E

Jackson (Conan, Comedy Central, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Kevin Dombrowski (Sirius XM), Vicky Arnstein

9p LOL TIMES SQUARE COMEDY CLUB presents Stand Up Comedy

9:30 GREENWICH VILLAGE COMEDY CLUB presents Comedy Headliners

Joanne Filan LOGO
Clayton Fletcher AXS
Rob Ryan Winner Boston Comedy Festival
Teddy Smith Sirius XM


Drew Tessier, Cory Jarvis, Mike King, Shaun Eli, James Camacho kick it up a notch for the late nite crowd!!!


Easter Weekend Spring Break Comedy Shows – Some for the Whole Family #NYC

QUICK LINKS- Pay $10-30 at the door.  Just $5 via links below. TWO DRINK MINIMUM per guest at all shows unless otherwise listed.

  • LMAO IMPROV Saturday April 13, 20 at 7:30 at LOL TIMES SQUARE 711 7th Avenue New York, NY 10036 (corner of 47th street). Fun for TEENS and Older, this show delivers high energy fast past sketch and musical comedy improvised based on audience suggestions and participation by the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. Think WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY with a touch of both Broadway and MTV. This show also tours corporate events, colleges and teen events. $20 plus two drink minimum. Just $5 via link
  • EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv Comedy Matinees at the Broadway Comedy Club, 318 West 53rd Street, is a slightly more family friendly version of the show listed above. Recommended for ages 8 and older. AKA Improv 4 Kids/Teens this show tours K12 schools, camps and community centers. $25 plus ONE drink minimum. Just $5 via link!
    Come be a part of the show!
  • BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB delivers professional stand-up comedy in Times Square Nightly at 9pm, 18+ only. $20-30 plus two drink minimum.  Just $5 via link
    Top NYC Comics in their Natural Habitats


  • GREENWICH VILLAGE COMEDY CLUB Downtown Sunday-Thursday 9:30pm (No discounts for Friday/Saturday – smaller club sells out fast on the weekend.) $20-30 plus two drink minimum.  Just $5 via link
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All professional comedy cast includes international talent from STAGE, TV  and  FILM including…

Billions, Friends of the People, GMA, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Lilyhammer,  Letterman, WE, MTV, NICK Dr Oz’s Fat Pants

FILMs: Top Five (w/ Chris Rock), Learning to Drive (w/ Sir Ben Kingsley)
TV: Power, Bull, Mysteries of Laura, Orange is the New Black, Blue Bloods

Comedy Central’s Broad City
HBO’s The Rock n’ Roll Project
Additional British comedy/theater/TV

Film/TV: Start-Up (SONY Crackle), Wrecked (TBS), plus numerous comedy/theater/TV credits from Puerto Rico

Spring Break


Palindrome Comedy Weekend #81818 Line-Ups Discount Tickets

Palindrome Comedy Weekend – OK We are just being a bit geeky (Cheeky for any Brits out there). See some live comedy in New York City Tonight. Click on the QUICK LINKS below and/or scroll down below for some upcoming line-ups.

Palindrome Comedy Weekend 8-18-18 and 8-19-18

Palindrome Comedy Weekend

SATURDAY / SUNDAY 3pm Improv Comedy

The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers hilarious clean comedy improvised based on audience suggestions and participation.


SATURDAY August 18, 2018

8pm ALL STAR COMEDY at the Broadway Comedy Club
We do not have tickets for this show but it’s a great line-up if looking for an early night. This added show will be held in the RED ROOM, upstairs (ground level) at the Broadway.
DC Benny (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing)
Ryan Reiss (Stephen Colbert, MTV)

9pm ALL STAR COMEDY at the Broadway Comedy Club
Broadway Comedy Club presents a lineup full of  Top Headliners. These are the best comedians from New York City with special guests from all across the country. You’ve seen them on MTV, HBO, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, The Daily Show, Last Comic Standing and more!
Steve Marshall (Comedy Central)
Harrison Greenbaum (America’s Got Talent, Conan)
Daniel Tirado (TruTV Comedy Knockout)

MC Jourdaine Fisher BET
Russ Meneve Tonight Show
Joanne Filan LOGO
Robyn Schall AXS
Yannis Pappas Comedy Central
Wali Collins Letterman 

11pm LATE NITE LAUGHS at the Broadway Comedy Club
If you like your comedy on the raunchy side, check out the late nite shows at the Broadway. All stand-up comedy in NYC is uncensored but later at night, the comics and the audience had a few drinks and are getting ansy. The shows naturally get a little wilder, the later we get.
JJ Ramierez
Steve Marshall (Comedy Central)
Adrienne Lapalucci (CBS Late Show)

SUNDAY August 19, 2018

9pm ALL STAR COMEDY at the Broadway Comedy Club
This week on Sunday Night Live 9pm show at Broadway Comedy Club will be Joe Devito, Oscar Collazos, Mark Demayo, Areshia McFarlin, Harrison Greenbaum and hosted by Jamie Roberts.

MC Lucas Connolly Comedy Central
Luke Thayer Fox Laughs
Melissa Diaz NY Comedy Festival
Clayton Fletcher AXS
Alli Breen Just for Laughs
Lance Wiess NBC
Daniel Tirado Just for Laughs

11pm LATE NITE LAUGHS at the Broadway Comedy Club
Frank Vignola, Brian Jian, Mike King

Want to learn how to be funny?

Saturdays 10am COFFEE, DONUTS & IMPROV
Mondays 6pm Afterwork Improv Workshops
These are comedy classes for professionals to self enrich and network through the power of comedy. Registration for both includes light refreshment. The bar is open at Happy Hour.  Participants play a series of games. While a ton of fun, all will develop stronger presentation and team skills as well self-confidence. Bring your team or just drop by to play. These workshops are avail for private events as well in Midtown Manhattan and Nationwide. Brought to you by CORPORATE COMEDY of AMERICA – NEW YORK DIVISION.



August 5,6 LMAO IMPROV at BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB NYC Discount tickets here

August 5,6 LMAO IMPROV at BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB NYC Discount tickets here

Lmao improv comedy

Saturday August 5th 3pm

Saturday August 5th 8pm

Saturday August 6th 8pm

$25 at the door, but click above dates for $5 discount tickets, exclusively online via NY Comedy Tickets

Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

The laughs are non-stop when the cast of LMAO (a division of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH) takes the stage. 4-5 comics create original music and skits on the spot using topics provided by the audience. No two shows are ever the same. Many of you may end up on stage as part of the action so COME BE A PART OF THE SHOW!!!

Since 2002 the show has wowed over 5000 audiences in Times Square and touring nation wide to theaters, clubs, colleges, universities, corporate events and even k-12 / family events.

In addition to great fun entertainment the troupe is busy providing educational outreach, via its public classes, corporate team building sessions, leadership training for college and high school programs, and k-12 student programs at schools, camps and community centers.

Hosted by Walt Frasier





When not performing/teaching  with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH and its various programs, Walter has appeared on TV (Late Night with David Letterman, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, MTV, Friends of the People, NICK Naked Brothers Band, etc), Theater (off broadway, national tours of broadway shows, regional theaters) and stand up comedy. Bragging that his now 25 year professional career includes 15 years without carrying a tray of drinks. @waltfrasier on twitter and instagram


We host groups form corporate teams, colleges and high school regularly. Daytime shows are great for all ages and we often hosts schools and camps for a show and/or workshop program. EMAIL group /private event requests to

We also send our troupe to you. This Wednesday we will be performing on Long Island for Home Depot executive team. We travel nationwide to colleges and K-12 Outreach.



SUMMER CAMP 2017 WEEK 3 Starts July 31, WEEK 4 Starts August 4
Sunday 1pm TEENS Class with Walt Frasier at Greenish Village Comedy Club starts 9/10. 10 weeks includes Improv & Stand-up comedy training, performance showcase, FREE admission to pro shows.
Monday 6pm HAPPY HOUR Improv Jam 4 Adults with Walt Frasier starts 9/18 at the Broadway Comedy Club. Includes 90 minute class, a drink (beer, wine, soda) and FREE admission to pro show. COME PLAY WITH US!!!
Saturday 10am TEENS Fall Class with Liz Lord Starts 9/9 at the Broadway Comedy Club
Saturday NOON Comedy 4 Kids Fall Class with Liz Lord Starts 9/9 at the Broadway Comedy Club



Monday August 15 Comedy Line-Ups and Discount Tickets NYC

Monday August 15 Comedy Line-Ups and Discount Tickets NYC. Tonight we have tickets to headliner shows at Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club and New York Improv Theater.


Monday August 15

6pm HAPPY HOUR hosted by Levi Penley

8pm ON THE SPOT Improv Comedy with guest Cabaret Singers inspiring original comedy scenes. Sells out almost every week so get tickets early!!!


Monday August 15 at the Broadway Comedy Club NYC

318 West 53rd Street, New York NY 10019
Close to all Times Square and Columbus Circle Trains
Between 8th & 9th Avenue
$25 plus 2 drink minimum
CLICK HERE for $5 tickets exclusive via

9pm: TOP HEADLINERS – Brian Scott McFadden, Louis Katz, Yamaneika Saunders

  • Brian Scott McFadden
    Brian Scott McFadden (Letterman, Comedy Central)
  • Louis Katz
    Louis Katz (Comedy Central)
  • Yamaneika Saunders
    Yamaneika Saunders (NBC’s Las Comic Standing, OXYGEN Channel’s Funny Gurls)

11pm: TOP HEADLINERS – Lucas Connolly, Meghan Hanley, Kevin Dombrowski, Ian Fidance, Daniel Raderstrong, Katie Hannigan, Anthony Kapfer, Aaron Berg

  • Lucas Connolly
    Lucas Connolly
  • Meghan Hanley
    Meghan Hanley
  • Kevin Dombrowski
    Kevin Dombrowski
  • Ian Fidance
    Ian Fidance
  • Daniel Raderstrong
    Daniel Raderstrong
  • Katie Hannigan
    Katie Hannigan
  • Anthony Kapfer
    Anthony Kapfer
  • Aaron Berg
    Aaron Berg

Greenwich Village

Monday August 15 at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club
$25 plus 2 drink minimum
CLICK HERE for $5 tickets exclusive via

9:45pm: TOP HEADLINERS – Katie Hannigan, Jason Salmon, Brian Jian, Frank Conniff, Ricky Gerro, Mike Keegan, Pat Dixon

Katie Hannigan (Oxygen Network)
Jason Salmon (Orange is the New Black)
Brian Jian (Just for Laughs)
Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Co Host Insight Channel Sirius XM)
Ricky Gerro
Mike Keegan (Sirius XM)
Pat Dixon (Comedy Central, NYC Crime Report)

  • Katie Hannigan
    Katie Hannigan
  • Jason Salmon
    Jason Salmon
  • Brian Jian
    Brian Jian
  • Frank Conniff
    Frank Conniff
  • Ricky Gerro
    Ricky Gerro
  • Mike Keegan
    Mike Keegan
  • Pat Dixon
    Pat Dixon

LMAO Improv, Stand-Up Comedy in Times Square and more Tonight Saturday July 23, 2016

Going to be a busy night. Get your tickets early. Here are your QUICK LINKS to discount tickets. Scroll below for tonight’s line-ups. All shows listed below are professional with comics from TV, film, radio and national touring headliners. 

  • STAND-UP COMEDY CALENDAR Comedy TicketsBroadway Comedy Club Times Square NYC
  • IMPROV COMEDY CALENDAR New York Improv Theater
  • STAND-UP COMEDY CALENDAR Greenwich Village Comedy Club
  • Select calendar, Select date you wish to attend, CLICK on the time of the show you wish to attend, select discount options in blue, complete check out process, arrive at the theater AT LEAST 30-minutes prior to show time. Remember in NYC all comedy shows require a 2-drink minimum, so don’t acted shocked at the theater LOL 
  • Interested in COMEDY CLASSES? CLICK HERE (Adults, Teens & Kids too!)





Comedy Line-Ups

The X-Files
Special Event welcoming X-Files Fans hosted by Walt Frasier (MTV, Letterman, Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Lilyhammer) with Laurice Fattal, Liz Lord, Amelia Fowler, Andrew Del Vecchio. Hilarious Improvised Music and Comedy based on audience suggestions and participation.
$25 plus 1-drink minimum
Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 3:00PM
Click here for $5 tickets
PROFESSIONAL Interactive Improvised comedy hosted by Amelia Fowler (Blue Bloods, OITNB, Chris Rock Show) with Andrew Del Vecchio, Nathan Armstrong, Liz Lord, Kelsey Coughlin
$25 plus 2-drink minimum
Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 8:00PM

TOP HEADLINERS – Jon Rineman, Sue Costello, Ross Bennett

Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 9:00PM
  • Jon Rineman

    Jon Rineman – Jon Rineman is a comedian and writer based in New York City who has appeared on “THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON,” “LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON,” “COMICS UNLEASHED” and “GOTHAM COMEDY LIVE.”  He has also been heard on Sirius XM Radio. Since 2009, he has been a staff writer for “LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON” and “THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON,” earning two Emmy-nominations. He has also written for Seth Meyers at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner and 2011 ESPY Awards. He performs regularly at Broadway Comedy Club and the Comedy Cellar in New York City.
  • Sue Costello

    Sue Costello – After starring in two TV pilots for CBS, Sue was the co-creator of her very own self-titled television series, Fox’s Costello, in which she was also a producer. Sue has appeared on countless television shows including NYPD Blue and Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. She has served as a guest host on NBC’s Later, performed on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, and made it to the finals of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Sue has also been a panel member on Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen. She has appeared twice on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, episode 172 “Sue Costello” and episode 407 “Live from Boston.”
  • Ross Bennett

    Ross Bennett – A Veteran Comedian, Ross has been entertaining audiences around the world for over 35 years. He has done it all. Opening Act, Comedy Club Headliner, Corporate events, Cruise ships, Country Clubs, Fundraisers, Churches, you name it Ross has done it. His specialty is Clean and Clever material. (Which is exactly why he was on THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN in 2013).
TOP HEADLINERS: Ross Bennett, Chris Murphy, Jon Rineman, Ronnie Wilkerson
Saturday, July 23, 2016 at 11:00PM


  • Ross Bennett
    Ross Bennett
  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy
  • Jon Rineman
    Jon Rineman
  • Ronnie Wilkerson
    Ronnie Wilkerson
Saturday, July 23, 2016 8:30p, 10:30p, 12:30a
99 MacDougal Street (Bleeker & 3rd), New York, NY 10014
Party Central near NYU Close to West 4th Street Station
$20 at the door
– Call to reserve your seats 212.777.LAFF at your preferred show tonight.
– Arrive 30 minutes before showtime

8:30pm: TOP HEADLINERS – James Mattern, Mike Gaffney, Katie Hannigan, Clayton Fletcher, Dustin Chafin, Larry Beyah, Costaki Economopoulos, Russ Meneve

10:30pm: TOP HEADLINERS – James Mattern, Mike Gaffney, Katie Hannigan, Clayton Fletcher, Dustin Chafin, Larry Beyah, Costaki Economopoulos, Russ Meneve

12:30am: TOP HEADLINERS – James Mattern, Mike Gaffney, Katie Hannigan, Clayton Fletcher, Dustin Chafin, Larry Beyah, Costaki Economopoulos, Russ Meneve

Russ Meneve Comic, Writer

If you have not heard of Russ Meneve you do not see enough live comedy, or watch comedy of TV. Your life needs more comedy in it NOW. Russ is one of the top comics working the NYC scene today with a growing list of TV credits – Tonight Show, Conan, HBO, Comedy Central etc


Russ Meneve
Russ Meneve on Comedy Central Presents 1/2 hour special

Russ Meneve BIO

Russ Meneve
Russ Meneve live at the Broadway Comedy Club NYC

Russ Meneve has been performing comedy in New York for the past 15 years, where he has honed his skills to an edge as sharp as his material. Nowhere was this more evident than on NBC-TV’s “The Tonight Show,” where Russ recently made his second appearance to rave reviews from host Jay Leno and an appreciative studio audience that he had rolling in the aisles. He was recently feature as one of “The Top Ten Funniest New Yorkers You’ve Never Heard Of” by New York Magazine.

Among Russ’ numerous credits are multiple appearances on “The Tonight Show,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” HBO’s Aspen, Montreal and Las Vegas Comedy Festivals, and his own half hour special on Comedy Central, “Comedy Central Presents – Russ Meneve.”

Russ has also been the Lead/Co-Lead/Writer of ten television pilots with NBC, Comedy Central and multiple production companies, co-hosted the XM/Sirius Radio Show, Bad News with Russ Meneve and Robert Kelly, and made multiple appearances on XM’s Opie and Anthony Radio Show and Sirius’ Raw Dog Comedy. Russ has also been prominently featured in New York Times, LA Times, Penthouse/Playbow Magazines and Time Out New York.



Clips from Comedy Central Presents – Russ Meneve

Catch a live comedy show in NYC tonight!!!