Young Comics compete at Caroline’s hosted by Kenan Thompson

Young Comics compete at Caroline’s hosted by Kenan Thompson

Nine of the sixteen students performing with Kenan on April 14, 2019 are from the comedy school run by one of our clients.

Judah (pictured above on the left) was the runner up last year. The past few weeks, Judah has been traveling with Kenan. Last week they performed at the Hollywood Improv.

Carolyn (on the right) is this year’s winner. 11yo Carolyn started comedy classes during the troupe’s summer camp 2018 and has been at almost every Saturday class since.

EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv (AKA Improv 4 Kids and Improv 4 Teens via its educational outreach programs) is delivers top rate comedy while catering to all ages. The cast creates original sketch and music improvised based on audience suggestions and participation. The troupe offers weekly classes for kids, teens and adults and a summer comedy camp. has discount tickets to their live shows featuring professional performers (also the teachers of these amazing kids & teens)


Fridays, Saturdays 7:30pm
at LOL Times Square 711 7th Avenue, NY 10036
$20 plus 2 drink minimum CLICK HERE for $5 tickets
Recommended for 13yo and up

Saturdays, Sundays 3pm
Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street, NY 10019
$25 plus ONE drink minimum CLICK HERE for $5 tickets
Recommended for 5yo and up



Saturdays 10am Teens
Saturdays 12pm Kids

These classes include both Improv and Stand-Up Comedy. Check out these photos from a recent show.

Drop by a single class for just $40
8-week sessions run $250
One week of summer camp runs $450 (includes lunch and snacks)
Campers and Full session participants are invited to perform at regular showcases at a NYC Comedy Club plus get free admission to bonus classes and professional comedy shows.


Al Martin talks his career as comedy producer and club owner PODCAST

Episode 115-Al Martin

New York City’s top comedy club owner, Al Martin, shares the secret to running a great spot for comics. Martin talks about his comedy beginnings, his love of helping other comedians develop, and how he created many of the popular formats used to give up and coming comedians stage time. Al Martin and host Matt Bailey also discuss the kinds of things a club booker looks for, as well as Al’s favorite kind of comedy. Plus, where exactly is the line the between being inspired by a comedian and lifting their material? It can be a tricky line to walk. All that and more with comedy impresario Al Martin!

WANT TO PERFORM? Check out the industry room! CLICK HERE


  • OPEN MICS – a bunch of comics work on material off hours at the clubs. If you can get a laugh at these, you may be ready for prime time. This is more class room than performance.
  • BRINGER SHOWS – Bring a few guests and get some stage time. 10 comics can fill a room, giving the comics a real audience to perform. Many bringers are just ways for mediocre comics to pay the bills. However, producing and performing bringers gives comics real comedy show experience. And many “Bringers” are legit industry audition shows. Don’t waste your friends on too many bringers. Save them for the big shows.
  • BARKER SHOWS – Instead of filling room with friends, comics get strangers in off the street. If you are in any big city there are folks looking for stuff to do.
    FYI – Barker Shows in 2016 and beyond – When I first started I barked in a crowd better than most. I started producing my own shows because “why make money for others if I am that good” but then I got older. BUT THEN Social Media… Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool and save yourself MANY nights in the cold begging in an audience.
  • SELF- PRODUCED SHOWS – Get yourself a 2-hour block at a club. Book your own comics. Get an audience. Make some cash and give yourself some stage time. You can produce an Open Mic, Bring, Barker, or even a Pro Show. Many comics will shell out some $$ for a headliner to help sell tickets and give them selves a chance to work with great talent.
  • COMEDY TEAM – Make friends. Get a team of comics together and co-produce shows. Take turns MCing each week. Bark in an audience together for fill room with friends.


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