NATIONAL SMILE DAY #NationalSmileDay MAY 31 #worldsmileday OCTOBER 4

NATIONAL SMILE DAY  is May 31st. WORLD SMILE DAY  is October 4th.
From Walt Frasier, artistic director of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Off Broadway Improv
Walt Frasier on Billions 4.10 May 2019. Frasier has also appeared on Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Friends of the People, Letterman etc
In every Improv workshop I leave students with two messages
1) You have homework. (groans) Every morning before even getting out of bed, start the day with a smile. You know how you smile when someone else makes you feel good. Turns out it works both ways. Physically forcing a smile can make you feel better. You physically squeeze out the juice in our face that make you feel good. I know, it sounds gross, but it works. AND when you walk into a room with a smile, most people smile back. There will always be that one that say “Why are they smiling? What’s wrong with them.” That person will judge you no matter what you do so let’s just ignore that person. When you wait for the world to make you happy it will disappoint every time. When you set out to make the world smile, simply by leading by example, rewards flood your way.
QUICK LINKS for upcoming professional shows & classes this weekend in Times Square, NYC.
2) Every time you get on stage, or read in class, public speaking gets easier. Every time you let your fear win, hiding in the shadows gets easier as well. Push that comfort zone just a little bit every day and see that fear become manageable, eventually maybe even disappear. Having the fear is beyond normal. But letting the fear control you leads to many missed opportunities.


YES AND… #1 rule in Improv is to ALWAYS say YES, followed by AND…, a statement that supports everything our teammates offer and builds a scene forward, offering details to which our team can YES AND.. us in return
LISTEN and RESPOND – suspend judgement, don’t plan, rather simply LISTEN deeply to our team, then trust ourselves and our team.
Playing Improv games develops public speaking and self confidence. Fear of public speaking is #1 in the world, more that fear of death itself. THIS alone is the most important way we attack the Bully problem. A confidence person will less likely become a bully OR victim. Bullies seek out easy targets. They rarely take on a confidence individual. However, bullies themselves are most often overcompensating for their own insecurities.  So by teaching self confidence we eliminate BOTH trends. By becoming confidence public speakers and over coming social anxieties of one on one interactions we empower individuals to ask when they need help.



PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY – a corporate concept that is a few decades old but very important in the past 5 years since a study performed by GOOGLE. . Studies find that the #1 factor that makes a successful team is psychological safety. Every person on the team feels a value to the team. Team mates support each other. BASICALLY – EVERYTHING we learn doing Improvisation! Our mission is to bring psychological safety into every classroom in New York and beyond!!!


Young Comics compete at Caroline’s hosted by Kenan Thompson

Young Comics compete at Caroline’s hosted by Kenan Thompson

Nine of the sixteen students performing with Kenan on April 14, 2019 are from the comedy school run by one of our clients.

Judah (pictured above on the left) was the runner up last year. The past few weeks, Judah has been traveling with Kenan. Last week they performed at the Hollywood Improv.

Carolyn (on the right) is this year’s winner. 11yo Carolyn started comedy classes during the troupe’s summer camp 2018 and has been at almost every Saturday class since.

EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv (AKA Improv 4 Kids and Improv 4 Teens via its educational outreach programs) is delivers top rate comedy while catering to all ages. The cast creates original sketch and music improvised based on audience suggestions and participation. The troupe offers weekly classes for kids, teens and adults and a summer comedy camp. has discount tickets to their live shows featuring professional performers (also the teachers of these amazing kids & teens)


Fridays, Saturdays 7:30pm
at LOL Times Square 711 7th Avenue, NY 10036
$20 plus 2 drink minimum CLICK HERE for $5 tickets
Recommended for 13yo and up

Saturdays, Sundays 3pm
Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street, NY 10019
$25 plus ONE drink minimum CLICK HERE for $5 tickets
Recommended for 5yo and up



Saturdays 10am Teens
Saturdays 12pm Kids

These classes include both Improv and Stand-Up Comedy. Check out these photos from a recent show.

Drop by a single class for just $40
8-week sessions run $250
One week of summer camp runs $450 (includes lunch and snacks)
Campers and Full session participants are invited to perform at regular showcases at a NYC Comedy Club plus get free admission to bonus classes and professional comedy shows.


Summer Comedy Camp for Kids & Teens Times Square NYC

QUICK LINKS – We are excited to share some discount links for your future stars to check out comedy camp for kids & teens


New York Improv Theater (AKA EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv, Improv 4 Kids, Improv 4 Teens) has presents 5000+ shows for K12 audiences since 2002. Since 2011 the talented group of comics and actors have presented public classes and summer camps for kids & teens.

Now every weekend, and for EIGHT weeks this summer, 20-30 students partake in classes in both Improv and Stand-Up comedy. Every session includes a chance to perform in semi public showcases for friends and family.

The program is focused first on Improv Comedy to build strong performance and team skills. While playing a series of fun games, the students develop creative writing, critical thinking, public speaking and other valuable life skills. These same games are used to teach corporate groups team building, management/leadership, sales and service.

During almost every session, students will also get a chance to turn personal stories of experience and observation into original comedy routines.


Saturdays 10am Teens
Sundays 12pm Kids

Spring Sessions start March 16
Additional 4-5 weeks sessions also pop up

Improv Workshop


COMEDY CAMP 4 KIDS $50 off/week discount link
COMEDY CAMP 4 TEENS $50 off/week discount link

WEEK 1 July 1-5
WEEK 8 Starts August 19

Tuition includes 5 days of comedy classes and mock performance experience. Daily LUNCH and Snacks provided and every Friday a PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE open to friends and family. At least once every week, students will see a professional show by the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. Drop off as early as 8:45am Pick up by 5:15pm.


Christmas Shows for the Whole Family NYC 50-60% OFF tickets

Christmas shows for the Whole Family – We are very excited to offer discounted tickets 50-60% OFF to these Christmas Shows. No additional purchase required for the following performances.

Quick Links:



Santa, Mrs Claus and the Elves are rehearsing their songs for the big Pre-Christmas Eve show at North pole when they stumble into a wormhole that transports them to New York City. Come join them in a spectacular Christmas sing-a-long as they practice for their big show and help them find the wormhole back to the North Pole before it closes. Show includes both original and holiday classics.

WHEN: 1pm Shows December 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23
WHERE: EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Comedy Theater at 318 West 53rd Street
TICKETS: CLICK HERE for $10 GENERAL ADMISSION (regularly priced $25). Doors open at 12:45 to GA guests. Seating is first come, first serve.
GO VIP: CLICK HERE for $20 VIP Tickets (regularly priced $50) VIP ticket holders are invited early at 12:15pm to meet Santa. Each VIP ticket holder with have time to sit with Santa, take some selfies and offer wish lists. Milk & Cookies at your VIP tables.



Now in its 6th season, BREAKFAST WITH SANTA is a New York must do Christmas event. Doors open at 9am, so do not arrive too early, especially on those colder days. At 9:30 guests are invited to meet Santa. Bring your own camera but the Elves do take photos that can be downloaded for free online. While waiting your turn with the big guy in red, enjoy the continental breakfast buffet with bite sized carbs (bagels, rolls, muffins, donuts), cream cheeses and other spreads, assorted yogurts, fruit, coffee and OJ. At 10am the Elves present ELFPROV, the interactive musical comedy from the north. The show ends with a sing a long with Santa at the piano.

WHEN: 9:30am-11am December 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23
WHERE: EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Comedy Theater at 318 West 53rd Street
TICKETS: CLICK HERE for $12.50 GENERAL ADMISSION (regularly priced $25) Doors open at 9:30 to GA guests. Includes Breakfast and Private time with Santa. (Each family gets about 1-2 minutes to share wish lists and pose for photos.
GO VIP: CLICK HERE for $25 VIP Tickets (regularly priced $50). VIP ticket holders are invited early at 9:15am to meet Santa. Each family with have time to sit with Santa, take some selfies and offer wish lists.

Elfprov is the interactive musical comedy improvised based on your suggestions and participation. It is the North Pole’s WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY.

Christmas Shows for the Whole Family

Bring these shows to your event. SANTANYC.COM offers Santa, Mrs Claus, Elves, and other characters, carolers and stage shows to liven up any event.


IMPROV 4 KIDS? NYC Shows, Classes, more

IMPROV 4 KIDS? OK, we know comedy clubs and kids are not usually a match made in heaven. But this company is seriously taking comedy to the families of New York City, its surrounding counties and  tourists form around the world.Find out why this company has wowed more than 5000 audiences since 2004. EMAIL producer, Walt Frasier, for more information about public shows & classes as well as educational out reach for K-12 schools and community centers, family events (birthdays etc) and more.

Family Friendly Matinees in Manhattan

Saturdays & Sundays 3pm
$25 at the door
JUST $5 click here
There is a 1-drink minimum per guest ($5-15 plus tax/tip)

A production you and your children don’t want to miss! – ABC NEWS

Shows are popular destination for families, scout groups, birthday parties, etc. All matinee shows are ALL ages friendly (rated PG). Evening shows by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH are Teen Friend for most families (PG-13 Comedy) Our ticket discounts are CHEAPER than the company’s usual group sale rates, so purchase tickets here for group needs, UNLESS you require special needs. 


Saturdays 10a Comedy 4 Teens Times Square
Saturdays 12p Comedy 4 Kids Times Square
Sundays 1pm Greenwich Village
Sundays 6pm Farmingdale, Long Island

Classes for kids & teens include both Improv & Stand-Up Comedy training. By combining the two, students receive a comprehensive education in creative writing and critical thinking while developing strong community and leadership skills – team, public speaking, self confidence, respect, listening, focus, eye contact and more. $200-250/session – EMAIL and mention NYCOMEDYTICKETS.COM and audit the next class for just $20 cash at the door.

Improv 4 Kids

FIELD TRIPS for K-12 Student Groups

Almost daily Improv 4 Kids / Improv 4 Teens hosts groups from schools, camps and community centers for shows and/or workshops using Improv Comedy to teach valuable life skills.

Improv 4 Teens

Improv shows are great cultural arts programs – music and theater, but also play well with Language Arts – story telling, public speaking, and Character Building/Guidance – Self Confidence, Anti-Bully, SEL

IMPROV 4 KIDS TOURING K-12 Schools, Camps, Community Centers

  • Assemblies
  • Professional Development
  • Residencies
  • PTA Nights
  • Touring Libraries, Parks, YMCA, JCC, Local theaters
  • Family Events – Reunions, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs and more

Improv 4 Teens

EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has toured nationwide from South Carolina to Maine to Nebraska. Improv 4 Kids is the perfect addition to any Family Program at local theaters and community centers.

Greenwich Village Comedy Club THIS WEEKEND Discount Tickets NYC

$20-25 at the door
$5 discount tickets here via EventBrite

New this Week – Improv Comedy Show at 3pm Sunday, 1pm Sunday Comedy 4 Teens Class.

Purchase discount ticket/admission, arrive at least 30-45 minute before showtime. Sh0ws will sell out and late guests are not guarenteed a seat. There is a TWO drink minimum per guest

Greenwich Village Comedy Club
99 Macdougal Street New York, NY 10012

Greenwich Village Comedy Club presents a lineup full of our Top Headliners. These are the best comedians from New York City with special guests from all across the country. You’ve seen them on MTV, HBO, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, The Daily Show, Last Comic Standing and more!



9:30PM & 11:30 ALL STAR COMEDY shows

MC Blair Socci Just for Laughs
Eric Nuemann AXS TV
Leah Bonnema VH1 and IFC
Brendon Fitzgibons NBC
Dustin Chafin Showtime Whtie Boyz in the Hood, HBO Crashing
Yannis Pappas Comedy Central Special, Mr. Panos and Maurica


8:30p, 10:30p 12:30a ALL STAR COMEDY Shows

MC Chris Murphy Comedy Central
Walli Collins Comedy Central, Late Show
Jason Salmon Orange is the New Black
Eric Neumann AXS TV
Yannis Pappas Comedy Central Special
Mike Cannon Comedy Central




MC Frisko
Mike Feeney Sirius XM
Ian Fidance College Humor
Anthony Kapfer FoX laughs
Daniel Tirado Just for Laughs, Late Late Show
Dustin Chafin HBO Crashing, SHOWTIME White Boyz in the Hood

Al Martin’s name is synonymous with comedy in New York City, and is responsible for launching the careers of many top comedians working today. Martin’s first venture in the comedy club business was in 1988 when he established the New York Comedy Club out of a need to help and showcase talented comedians. An accomplished comedian himself, Al was a National Headliner with numerous television credits such as The Joan Rivers Show, Geraldo and Evening At The Improv. Al was always more than just a comedian; he was an activist for the comedy community serving as Vice President of the Professional Comedians Association, and was instrumental in the organization dedicated to bringing health insurance and improving working conditions for comics. Although performing was a love for Martin he found his niche as a comedy club owner. He soon found himself helping his fellow comedians that he had once worked beside. Sarah Silverman, Lisa Lampanelli, Brett Butler, Tracy Morgan and Wanda Sykes are just a few comedians who have graced his stages over the years. New York Comedy Club became the first comedy club with two showrooms in 1997. Al was one of the first club owners to embrace diversity in the comedy world by establishing the first Latino Comedy Night at New York Comedy Club. He’s also facilitated and welcomed to his stage shows featuring gay, urban and Asian communities. In 2000 Martin opened New York Comedy Club in Boca Raton, which he ran successfully until late 2006. With the success of two clubs Al decided to expand his brand and in 2003 opened Broadway Comedy Club, located in the heart of Times Square. Martin again took a risk in opening Broadway Comedy, the only bi- level entertainment complex with three showrooms in NYC, serving over 600 comedy lovers from around the world nightly. In 2005 he partnered with Barry Katz, executive producer of NBC’s Last Comic Standing to run Boston Comedy Club, giving Martin the bragging rights to being the first person to run three comedy clubs in New York City. In the Summer of 2012 Martin expanded his comedy ventures into Greenwich Village, in New York City with the opening of Greenwich Village Comedy Club, from day one the club has been filled every night with a lively downtown crowd and top comedians making them laugh! Martin’s clubs attract comedy fans from around the world including some of the biggest celebrities from Jay-Z & Beyonce, Andre Aggasi, Jimmy Fallon, Montel Williams, and Harry Connick Jr. On stage or behind the scenes, Al Martin will go down in history as the King of New York Comedy. Martin is a brilliant thinker and innovator of his time, and has made New York City the World’s Capital of Comedy.

August 5,6 LMAO IMPROV at BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB NYC Discount tickets here

August 5,6 LMAO IMPROV at BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB NYC Discount tickets here

Lmao improv comedy

Saturday August 5th 3pm

Saturday August 5th 8pm

Saturday August 6th 8pm

$25 at the door, but click above dates for $5 discount tickets, exclusively online via NY Comedy Tickets

Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

The laughs are non-stop when the cast of LMAO (a division of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH) takes the stage. 4-5 comics create original music and skits on the spot using topics provided by the audience. No two shows are ever the same. Many of you may end up on stage as part of the action so COME BE A PART OF THE SHOW!!!

Since 2002 the show has wowed over 5000 audiences in Times Square and touring nation wide to theaters, clubs, colleges, universities, corporate events and even k-12 / family events.

In addition to great fun entertainment the troupe is busy providing educational outreach, via its public classes, corporate team building sessions, leadership training for college and high school programs, and k-12 student programs at schools, camps and community centers.

Hosted by Walt Frasier





When not performing/teaching  with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH and its various programs, Walter has appeared on TV (Late Night with David Letterman, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, MTV, Friends of the People, NICK Naked Brothers Band, etc), Theater (off broadway, national tours of broadway shows, regional theaters) and stand up comedy. Bragging that his now 25 year professional career includes 15 years without carrying a tray of drinks. @waltfrasier on twitter and instagram


We host groups form corporate teams, colleges and high school regularly. Daytime shows are great for all ages and we often hosts schools and camps for a show and/or workshop program. EMAIL group /private event requests to

We also send our troupe to you. This Wednesday we will be performing on Long Island for Home Depot executive team. We travel nationwide to colleges and K-12 Outreach.



SUMMER CAMP 2017 WEEK 3 Starts July 31, WEEK 4 Starts August 4
Sunday 1pm TEENS Class with Walt Frasier at Greenish Village Comedy Club starts 9/10. 10 weeks includes Improv & Stand-up comedy training, performance showcase, FREE admission to pro shows.
Monday 6pm HAPPY HOUR Improv Jam 4 Adults with Walt Frasier starts 9/18 at the Broadway Comedy Club. Includes 90 minute class, a drink (beer, wine, soda) and FREE admission to pro show. COME PLAY WITH US!!!
Saturday 10am TEENS Fall Class with Liz Lord Starts 9/9 at the Broadway Comedy Club
Saturday NOON Comedy 4 Kids Fall Class with Liz Lord Starts 9/9 at the Broadway Comedy Club



Comedy Club Shows for Kids & Families? Summer Camp too? YES AND…

Comedy Clubs are not usually known for their family friendly entertainment, but one company is changing that. IMPROV 4 KIDS / IMPROV 4 TEENS, the family friendly comedy from the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH plays regularly at the Broadway Comedy Club. The company presents shows, classes and summer camps for kids and teens year round.

Improv Workshop

Are the future stars in your family ready for the big stage? Check out Summer Camp at the Broadway Comedy Club. Scroll Below for more info…


$25 at the door
CLICK HERE for $5 tickets
Most shows require a beverage purchase
Broadway Comedy Club
318 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019

Ask about private shows for K-12 Schools, Camps, Community Groups and Family Events (Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s etc)


SUNDAY July 2 8pm LMAO ALL STARS Teens and older
 – Hilarious Interactive Musical Comedy improvised based on audience participation and suggestions. 
 – ALL STAR SHOW features the top payers from the company, hosted by Walt Frasier (Letterman, MTV, Lilyhammer, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods)
 – Evening shows require a TWO drink minimum
MONDAY July 3 ON THE SPOT Teens and older
NYC’s best up and coming vocalists sing pop, jazz, Broadway and Cabaret favorites. The Improv cast create scenes inspired by the songs, weaving together an original book. The result is an original musical every night with music you know
 – Evening shows require a TWO drink minimum
SATURDAY July 8 3pm IMPROV for all ages
 – Matinees Performances of LMAO Off Broadway are all ages friendly
 – (Rated PG Comedy)
 – Weekend Matinees require a ONE beverage minimum
MONDAY July 10 ON THE SPOT Teens and older
 – Mid week matinees for family do not have drink service or minimums
 – These shows feature performers under the age of 18
 – $5 cash at the door NO DRINK MINIMUM 
MONDAY July 17 ON THE SPOT Teens and older
SATURDAY July 22 3pm IMPROV for all ages
MONDAY July 24 ON THE SPOT Teens and older
MONDAY July 31 ON THE SPOT Teens and older

SUMMER CAMP 2017 for KIDS & TEENS ages 7-17

9am-4pm Monday thru Friday includes classes in Improv and Stand-Up Comedy as well as a weekly showcase for friends and family. Now in its 5th year, the troupe has double its offerings form 2 to 4 weeks of camp. WEEK ONE almost sold out.

WEEK ONE July 10-14
WEEK TWO July 17-21
WEEK THREE July 31-August 4
WEEK FOUR August 7-11


The company offers 8-10 week sessions Saturday Mornings for Kids and Teens Fall, Winter and Spring.

Comedy 4 Kids? Shows & Classes for Families, Kids, Teens

Comedy 4 Kids? YES! Shows and Classes for Families, Kids, Teens can be found in New York city and beyond.

comedy 4 kids
FROM TOP LEFT CLOCK WISE – Summer Camp Teens perform, Saturdays 3pm at the Broadway Comedy Club, Comedy 4 Kids Class, Touring Company at Wisconsin High School, Walt Frasier with Eddie Brill and Mario Cantone at Queens NY High School, Ohio National Guard program used Improv 4 Kids to process issues of parent deployments in Iraq and other war zones.


Saturdays 3pm at the Broadway Comedy Club

Every week the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv Comedy presents amazing entertainment for all ages. AKA Improv 4 Kids this show keeps it PG movie clean. No language or sexual material. The result is amazing story telling and great theater. Many kids an parents get on stage to participate in the show, while the entire scrip is improvised basedon audience suggestions. CLICK HERE for full calendar of IMPROV at the Broadway Comedy Club (AKA New York Improv Theater)

Saturdays 8pm at the Broadway Comedy Club

Not great for “kids” the 8pm show by EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH – AKA LMAO Off Broadway – is often perfect for teens guests. Designed with adults in mind, the shows are a true PG-13. There may be one or two words, and some adult themed comedy, but generally tame compared to many TV shows and movies teens watch today. I tell parents, if the kids are watching South Park and other edgy cable TV , they will learn nothing new watching this show. CLICK HERE for full calendar of IMPROV at the Broadway Comedy Club (AKA New York Improv Theater)

PRIVATE EVENTS – Improv Comedy shows are great at any family event. We host at the club 24/7 and send shows nationwide. Very popular are kids birthday parties. If you are tired of the same old mediocre clowns and musicians, kick it up a notch with interactive improv comedy. We have shows appropriate for ages 5 and up. Improv 4 Teens even plays after proms, graduations, sweet 16s and more. Also Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Kids entertainment at reunions and weddings, bring your kids to work day etc.  For more info and to book your event email


The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH presents classes for kids and teens (almost) every Saturday at 10am. Winter, Spring and Fall there are 8 week programs. During the summer the cast hosts 1-2 weeks of summer camp. All programs include both Improv and Stand-Up Comedy Training. Every student is invited to the shows final performance showcase. Participants become great students and leaders in their schools as we teach Creativity (critical thinking, writing), Community (Team, Respect, Communications – listening, focus, eye contact) and Leadership (Public Speaking, Self Confidence, Self Respect).




EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH hosts student groups daily for field trips and sends both shows and workshops to K-12 Schools, Camps, Libraries, After School Programs and other non-profits.

  • SHOWS – Assemblies, After School, PTA Nights, Fundraisers, Public Events
  • WORKSHOPS – Paired with or without shows, In School/After School
  • RESIDENCIES – both weekly classes (recreating public programs at your school) and 1-week programs where teaching artists deliver basic program to the entire student body.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Teach your staff to use valuable tools

To bring this program to your school/program email

Cultural Arts


Want to be the coolest teacher ever? Bring your classes to the Broadway Comedy Club in Times Square. For just $15pp, students will see a show and work with teaching artists playing the games themselves in a mini-workshop.

creativity community leadership