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QUICK LINKS- Pay $10-30 at the door.  Just $5 via links below. TWO DRINK MINIMUM per guest at all shows unless otherwise listed.

Subscribe to this blog for line-up and additional special deals on shows & classes just for our followers. Remember, most comedy shows require a TWO drink minimum. We only promote discount tickets to PROFESSIONAL shows with PAID talent on stage. New York is home to the BEST and WORST the world has to offer. Comedy is subjective. You may not love every comic in the shows we promote but we will NEVER send you to an amateur showcase. The comics on these shows have years of paid comedy work at clubs, colleges and events and most have appeared on TV & FILM. 

Top NYC Comics in their Natural Habitats


We want you to see more live entertainment. Comedy, especially is best live. The energy of the crowd adds a huge dynamic to the work of the professional artists in New York and around the country. Follow this blog and/or our twitter @nycomedytickets for up to date discounts and up coming comedy show line-ups at top NYC clubs. We also post news about other top shows in town, even when we don’t have tickets to sell, because WE LOVE COMEDY and want you to see more of it.

Give some unknown / lesser known names a try. The best comics live on stage are the ones about to make it big. After making it big many lose the fire that made them great enough to get discovered. We don’t sell tickets to amateur showcases and open mics. These are all professional shows with working comics, most with TV credits, ALL with years of professional stage time.

Go see a live comedy show tonight!!!om around the world show up at the club asking, “Are these tickets real?” AFTER paying cash on the streets on a maybe. We have a NO REFUND policy but in the case you fear fraud you still have the protection of your credit/debit card issuer.

And these are the best deals online. We sell tickets for $5 each. (regularly priced $10-25 each or more).

We are actually cheaper than the tickets sold on the streets. Or one could sya we are the same price street tickets were sold for 10-15 years ago. We would rather you save your money, have an extra drink and maybe tip the waiter a little something extra.


PLEASE don’t act surprised when you get to the club and they say you must purchase two drinks per guest. These are professional shows and this is how the club pays the rent and the talent.

There are plenty of comedy showrooms in town with amateur shows charging $5-10 for a show and no additional purchase required. BUT all professional shows in New York (And most clubs in USA) require a drink and or food purchase. Headliner Shows in Theaters, Casinos and Top Clubs w/o drink minimums are closer to (or match) Broadway Prices ($50-200+/seat).


There are over 200 clubs, bars and theaters in New York City alone that present live stand-up comedy. It can be hard finding just the right one to go to, unless invited to amateur/student showcases by your friends.

We are a seat filling service for only professional comedy shows. Not all shows happen in traditional comedy clubs. But we do not sell tickets for amateur showcases. These are all professional shows and venues approved by our team.



These are shows where one comic is the star of the evening and they will be doing close to a full hour set. you will most likely get an MC and a feature comic to warm up the crowd.


Showcase clubs are most popular in New York City. One show may have 3-5 professional comics. You get a nice blend of the hottest club talent and special guest heavy hitters stop by to work out new material. This is a great way to meet new comics that may not be house-hold names yet, but they soon will be. All of these comics are appearing on shows like Last Comic Standing, Colbert, Kimmel, Tonight Show, Comedy Central and more. These are all comics that have been in the business for 10+ year (Or naturals that shot to the top quicker than normal).

If you like you comedy on the edgier side, think about attending later comedy shows. Comics usually get a little crazier – and so do the crowds – after a few shows (and a few drinks). If you like a tamer show – one more resembling a TV special – check out the earlier shows.


New York City is home to the best comedians in the world. While they make the big bucks doing films, TV, AC, Vegas, Colleges and touring Broadway style theaters and major clubs internationally, they come home to play.

I have been a shows scheduled to end at 11pm. Next thing you know it is 1am in the morning (or much later) and the crowd is just eating up every new idea for a joke Chris Rock, Seinfeld, Chapelle, Dave Attell, or countless others. No guarantees, but hte real comedy fans of New York know that this is a numbers game. And in the mean time you will be seeing the best of the next gen, not amateurs, but working comics that deliver the laughs.

The love show experience is like no other, and no where is it better than in New York City clubs!


Are you a fan of WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? Do like experimental theater?

Improv Comedy can be a lot of things and we have a wide variety of shows featured any given week.

We focus on the professional Improv Comedy in New York. Shows like LMAO OFF BROADWAY is filled with professional comics with TV credits and even singers from Off-Broadway and Broadway show. There are even great clean comedy shows you can bring the family or office without worry.

Most of NYC Improv Comedy is student/amateur showcase at many of the Improv Schools in town. These shows are very inexpensive, but they are rarely entertaining to those outside the community of Improv – students, teachers and amateurs (and the friends they drag to their shows). How ever I still put these over any off-off Broadway theater showcase in NYC. But like most showcases, you never know what you will get.


From time to time we feature tickets to other types of entertainment. New York City is filled – river to river and beyond in all 5 boros – with theater, music and comedy. We have some hot tips and tickets to lesser known shows that will blow your mind. Still professional these off the beaten path shows and venues house some of the best entertainment in the country.

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